Sustainability Plan

What is sustainability?

Gay Games 9 defines sustainability using the principles of the Triple Bottom Line. We take a holistic approach to its operations, focusing on economic success, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship in its operations.

The Gay Games will address each principle of the Triple Bottom Line by stimulating economic growth, promoting social change and acceptance, and raising awareness and knowledge about the well-being and future of our planet and particularly our impact as citizens of Northeast Ohio.

Read our complete sustainability plan here

Sustainability Mission Statement:

Gay Games 9 endeavors to make the 2014 Gay Games presented by the Cleveland Foundation the most sustainable Gay Games to date and, furthermore, to provide a legacy of sustainability upon which future Gay Games can build.

Action areas:

GG9 has designed five specific sustainability action areas

1. Water:       

  • Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) Campaign: In order to minimize bottled water use, we will encourage all volunteers, participants and spectators to bring their own reusable water bottles to GG9 events.
  • We will have water available at our venues with clear signage available indicating where water stations are located.

2. Waste Management:

  • Provide recycling bins at all locations. 
  • Divert at least 40% of all waste from landfills
  • Make our efforts very clear and simple for people to understand and possibly even adopt these concepts in their own homes.

3. Sustainable Transportation:

  • Make mass transit available, affordable, and practical at all or most venues.
  • Provide mass transit to participants through their registration fee and free/reduced price t volunteers.
  • Provide secure bike parking at certain venues.       
  • Implement a bike sharing program in downtown Cleveland.
  • Develop cycling tours of Cleveland and Akron (where available).
  • Provide free bike maintenance and care information where possible.
  • Ensure that at least 15% of people traveling to Cleveland & Akron for the Games purchase carbon offsets through United:

*Click here to view the Bike Cleveland Visitor Guide including information on where to rent bikes and where bike routes are located.*

4. Local Food:

  • Have at least 10% of the food provided by local vendors/producers.
  • Provide locally grown produce to participants and volunteers.       
  • Encourage participants, spectators, and volunteers to support local restaurants, food trucks, and fruit stands whenever possible.

5. Greening GG9: GG9 is also aware that our own, internal operations have an environmental impact. Accordingly, we will:

  • Work to embed sustainability into GG9 staff and volunteers work streams.
  • Develop an engagement program to discuss sustainability with participants and volunteers for the Games.
  • Expand our Community Partnership Program to include sustainability partners.      
  • Secure sustainability sponsorship to finance the implementation of this plan.