Wrestling Competition Specifics


11-13 August 2014
8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Monday 11 August, 2014
, Clinics, Weigh-in and Skin Check

Tuesday 12 August, 2014
Freestyle Wrestling

Wednesday 13 August, 2014


Case Western University - Horsburgh Gymnasium

Best GPS Website: 2138 Adelbert Road, Cleveland, OH. 44106

Parking: Use parking garage (fee) on the east side of Veale Center


Freestyle Wrestling



Women’s Men’s
Open (18-35) Open (18-35)
Masters (36-49) Masters (36-49)
Veterans (50+) Veterans (50+)

GG9 will offer the following weight classes in both Freestyle and Grappling, in every age division and both gender divisions:

48 kg (up to and including 48 kg)
52 kg (more than 48 kg up to and including 52 kg)
57 kg (more than 52 kg up to and including 57 kg)
62 kg (more than 57 kg up to and including 62 kg)
68 kg (more than 62 kg up to and including 68 kg)
74 kg (more than 68 kg up to and including 74 kg)
82 kg  (more than 74 kg up to and including 82 kg)
90 kg (more than 82 kg up to and including 90 kg)
100 kg (more than 90 kg up to and including 100 kg)
130 kg (more than 100 kg up to and including 130 kg)
130+kg (more than 130 kg and above)


All competitors are required to show proof of FILA association through either explicit FILA license, or with a license from a local FILA-associated wrestling organization (e.g. state USA Wrestling organizations like USA Wrestling-Ohio) the 2014 Gay Games will offer Ohio USA Wrestling cards for sale at weigh-ins ($50USD). Cards can be purchased on-site with credit card ONLY (other forms of payment, including cash, will not be accepted).

Participants may register for either Freestyle Wrestling or Grappling, or both.  A single weigh-in will determine the certified weight class for both events.

The competition will have three age divisions: Open (18-35 years old), Masters (36-49) and Veterans (50 and older). 

Participants will blind paired by the pairing committee using random draw numbers.

Medals will be awarded to the three top finishers in each style division’s gender age group and weight class.


Participants for both Freestyle and Grappling will be required to weigh in on Monday 11 August 2014 after the clinics.

2014 Gay Games will offer FILA international Freestyle and FILA Grappling double-elimination style tournaments.


The Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees (FILA) is the sanctioning body for both Freestyle and Grappling rules in collaboration with Wrestlers Without Borders (WWB) modifications.

The FILA Freestyle wrestling rules as per the current and valid FILA rulebook will be used for the tournament. 

The Freestyle wrestling rules can be found here

The Grappling rules can be found here.

After weigh-ins, participants may choose to compete in a younger age division and/or the next heavier weight division. However, all participants may only compete within one gender category, in one age division and in one weight category within FreeStyle and/or Grappling. The choice of category for Freestyle and Grappling do not have to be the same. 

2014 Gay Games reserves the right to collapse weight divisions or use exhibitions to reflect registration.

Helpful Resources

To view the Wrestlers Without Borders One-Stop Resource and other helpful links click here