Tennis Competition Specifics


10-15 August 2014
8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Cleveland State University - Malaga Complex - East 21st & Chester Ave. Cleveland, OH. 44115

Highland Heights Community Park - 5905 Wilson Mills Road, Highland Heights, OH. 44143

Mayfield Village Racquet Club - 6685 Beta Drive, Mayfield Village, OH. 44143

Cleveland Racquet Club - 29825 Chagrin Blvd,  Pepper Pike, OH 44124


Women Men Mixed
Open A B C D
40+Open, 40+A, 40+B 
40+C. 40+D
50+, 60+
Open A B C D 
40+Open, 40+A, 40+B 
40+C. 40+D
50+, 60+
Open A B C D 
40+Open, 40+A, 40+B 
40+C. 40+D
50+, 60+

Skill Level

Gay Games 9 will offer the following skill levels for competition:

Open A B C D
Highly Advanced Advanced High Intermediate Low Intermediate Beginner

A player may enter any division for which that player will have reached the minimum age of the division by 31 December 2014 of the calendar year in which the event starts.


Players may play in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, but players may only play in one skill level of each event

Players are able to play in an age division for one event and a non-age division for another event. For example, a player could play Men’s Open Doubles and Men’s 40+ Singles.

A consolation bracket may be offered for players losing their first match if time and scheduling allows; however, if a consolation match conflicts with a main draw match (i.e. singles consolation and doubles main draw), then the player must decide which match to play. Matches will not be delayed for scheduling conflicts.

It is the Player’s responsibility to determine that she or he is playing in the correct division. If the Player has a Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association (GLTA) Ranking, then it will be used to determine the minimum level the player can play. If the Player has never played a GLTA event, then it is the Player’s responsibility to determine the appropriate division to play. 2014 Gay Games may move players to another division or possibly disqualify players if 2014 Gay Games determines that the players are playing in an inappropriate division.


The rules outlined in the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association (GLTA) Tournament Rulebook and those of the International Tennis Federation (ITF)-affiliated national or regional tennis organization of Cleveland will be used.

All changes of rules, venues and schedules in the time of organizing and publishing on the website of the host must be published to the participants by a newsletter via email as soon as possible after the changes are made.


Which division should I play if I have not played a GLTA Tournament?

The GLTA Division Standards are shown below, along with the equivalent ratings.

GLTA Division Standards

GLTA Basic Divisions USTA & Tennis Canada NTRP Rating UK Netherlands Belgium Germany Italy France Switzerland
OPEN 6.5+ No. 1-20 1 A, B-15.4 Bundesliga
  15/1 + N1, N2, N3, N4, (1 – 150)
OPEN 6.0 -30, -4/6 2 B-15.2 Oberliga B3, B4 15/1 + R1
OPEN 5.5 -4/6
3 B-15
1e Verbandsliga C1 15/1 + R2
OPEN 5.0+ +15 4 B+2.6
2e Verbandsliga C2 15/1 + R3
A 4.5 +15/1
5 C+15.2
1e Bezirksklasse
2e Bezirksklasse
C3 15/2, 15/3 R4, R5
B 3.5 - 4.0 +15/3
6 C+30 1e Kreisklasse
2e Kreisklasse
C4 30, 15/4, 15/5 R6 ,R7
C 3.0 +15/5
7 C+30.2
3e Kreisklasse   30/1, 30/2, 30/3 R8
D <3.0 +30/3 8 (9)   4e Kreisklasse   30/4, 30/5, 40, NC R9

Division Definitions (to be used on entry forms):

Open A B C D
Highly advanced players Advanced players High intermediate players Low intermediate players Beginning players

It is still the responsibility of the players to enter the appropriate division, but tournament directors should undertake their best efforts to ensure that all players entering comply with these standards by reviewing requested divisions against the GLTA Player Seeding databases. The latest GLTA Seeding databases will list each player’s “Minimum Play Level” in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, which will be available on the Internet at