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11-15 August 2014

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - 24 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44113

RTA Cleveland / Walk
The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel is in the Tower City Center, which is accessible by almost all RTA rail and bus routes.


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11-15 August 2014
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - 24 Public Square, Cleveland, OH. 44113

Parking: Hotel parking for a fee


501 and Cricket, Recreational/Competitive

  • Women (Singles)
  • Open (Singles)
  • Women (Doubles)
  • Open (Doubles)

501 REC- Single bull, Single out
501 COMP - Single bull, Double out

Open singles categories are for players wishing to compete in a gender neutral category and all men. Open doubles are for any combination of gender teams. All categories have competitive and recreational divisions.
Competitive: Players with any regional, national or international competition experience
Recreational: Players with little competition experience

  • Your single Darts event fee covers your participation in all Darts events.
  • Each player may enter the singles and doubles for each event for the same Darts fee. For example, a female may participate in the Women’s Singles event and the Women’s Doubles event for Cricket. Players cannot play in both Women's and Open, or Recreational and Competitive in the same event.
  • Mixed Doubles: Teams will enter the Open Division.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top three individuals/teams in each gender division.
  • Any event in which a division does not meet a minimum of 8 players, women's and open will be combined.

4-Player Team Freeze

Freeze will be a fun team event, with no skill-level or gender divisions. 

Best-of-five-game format with freeze rule*. Four-player teams play four games of 301/master out and one game of 501/master out (if necessary) on four positions. 301 games are played with two players from each team, 501 game is played with all four players from each team.

*Freeze rule in a nut shell: If the thrower's partner has more points than their two opponent's scores added together, then the thrower is frozen, meaning they cannot go out/win.

NOTE: The 2014 Gay Games presented by the Cleveland Foundation may add events in the Darts competition at a later date. No events will be added after 1 May 2014. Please check this web page for information about additional events.


Monday, 11 August
Recreational Divisions, Cricket Singles (a.m.) and 501 Doubles (p.m.)

Tuesday, 12 August
Recreational Divisions, 501 Singles (a.m.) and Cricket Doubles (p.m.)

Wednesday, 13 August
Competitive Divisions, Cricket Singles (a.m.) and 501 Doubles (p.m.)

Thursday, 14 August
Competitive Divisions, 501 Singles (a.m.) and Cricket Doubles (p.m.)

Friday, 15 August
4-Player Team Freeze


General Play

501 - Each player starts with 501 points. The number of points collected while hitting a board with a dart is subtracted from the given player's points. The winner is the player who brings their points to exactly 0 points first.

CRICKET - Players need to hit 15-20 and the bull's-eye three times each, which in return "closes" that number out. Once you have closed a number out and your opponent has not, you can now score on that number by hitting it again. The winner is the player with the highest points scored, and all numbers closed first. 

Darts tournament will be conducted under the consideration of the National Darts Association (www.ndadarts.com)  and World Darts Federation (www.dartswdf.com).

Best GPS Address:

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - 24 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44113

Parking: Hotel parking for a fee

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