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Bodybuilding (Physique)
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11-12 August 2014
Prejudging: Beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Finals: 7:00 p.m.

Public Music Hall - St. Clair entrance, 1201 East St. Clair at East 6th,  Cleveland,  OH  44114

RTA Cleveland
Ride the B-Line Trolley to the stop on Lakeside Ave. across from the Convention Center. Use a crosswalk to reach the Convention Center main entrance on the south side of Lakeside Ave.
After 7 p.m., ride the C-Line Trolley to the stop at St. Clair and Franz Pastorius Blvd. Walk north along Franz Pastorius Blvd. and turn right on Lakeside Ave to the Convention Center.


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11-12 August 2014

Prejudging: Beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Finals: 7:00 p.m.

11 Aug 2014: Weigh-Ins and Participant Meeting
12 Aug 2014: Competition, with prejudging during the day and show/finals in the evening




2014 Gay Games will offer two (2) sessions for the Bodybuilding competition:

  • Prejudging: Will consist of three (3) rounds: Symmetry, Muscularity and Presentation
  • Finals

General Admission:

  • All Sessions ($25)
  • Evening Sessions (Finals) $20
  • Preliminary Rounds ($10)

Reserved Seating: All Sessions ($35)

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Women (individual) Men (individual) Pairs
Juniors (18-20) Juniors (18-20) Women
Seniors (21-39) Seniors (21-39) Men
Masters (40-49) Masters (40-49) Mixed
50-59 50-59
60+ 60-69


A participant’s age group is determined by that person’s age as of the first day of the Gay Games, 9 August 2014. Example: a participant who has a 40th birthday on the day of Opening Ceremony would compete in the category “Masters 40-49.” A participant who has a 40th birthday on the day of Closing Ceremony would compete in the category “Senior 23-39.”

Participants may compete in one individual event and one pairs event..

Weight classes for Individual and Pairs are: Bantam, Light, Welter, Middle, Light Heavy, Heavy and Super Heavy. The number of weight classes depends on the number of competitors. 2014 Gay Games will determine the number of weight classes after weigh-ins occur.

Pairs weight classes: Weights considered will be the total weight of the two competitors.

Bodybuilding will have two divisions for all age and weight classes, a division that is tested for banned substances and a division that is untested. Participants who compete in the tested division will have to be tested for specific performance-enhancing substances before the start of the competition. More information on the drug-testing policy and procedure for Bodybuilding at 2014 Gay Games is set out below.

Medals for individuals will be awarded based on age group and weight. Medals for pairs will be awarded to the top three individuals in each gender’s age and weight group.


The Bodybuilding competition will be conducted under the direction of the Bodybuilding Guild.

Prejudging will consist of three (3) rounds:

  1. Symmetry (relaxed, no posing, no flexing)
    • Competitors stand facing the judges arms at sides, heels together, relaxed. This is followed by ¼ turns to the competitor’s right until they turn to the front.
  2. Muscularity (comparison poses)
    • Front Double Biceps
    • Front Lat Spread
    • Side Chest (all same side and/or optional side)
    • Side Triceps (all same side and/or optional side)
    • Back Lat Spread
    • Abs and Thigh
    • Optional: Most Muscular
  3. Presentation (posing)
    • A choreographed routine of various poses (must have at least one (1) front, one (1) side, one (1) twisting and one (1) back post) set to music.
    • The posing routine will last 60-90 seconds for individuals and 60-120 seconds for pairs.
    • In case of technical problems with the music, the head judge should allow the competitor to begin again. If the competitor’s music does not work, the competitor will return at the end of their category to post to similar music chosen by the sound engineer.

2014 Gay Games may omit music during the prejudging round to accommodate the number of registered participants.

The 2014 Gay Games will not provide warm-up weights or bands. Participants may bring work-out bands to use.

Drug Testing Policy

  1. 2014 Gay Games has two divisions in each category of bodybuilding:
    a. Division One: a tested division for those participants who provide a recent test for performance-enhancing substances showing that the participant tested negative for those substances. 
    b. Division Two: an untested division for all participants in bodybuilding who do not provide a test for performance-enhancing substances. 
    Note: Drug testing only applies to individual participants. No separate tested and untested divisions will exist for the Pairs competition.

  2. If a participant wants to be in the tested division, the participant must take a drug test that tests for the specific performance-enhancing substances. The test is offered through the organization The Bodybuilding Guild as a service to those who want to compete in the tested category at the 2014 Gay Games.
  3. Participants will be tested for banned substances under Series S-1 and S-5 of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substances List. For more information see the WADA website: For the listing of prohibited substances, see the WADA Prohibited Substances List:

  4. Participants who are residents of the United States must take the test between June 25 and July 25, 2014. For more information on the testing protocol please contact Richard Cavaler, Bodybuilding Guild,

  5. Participants who are residents of the United States will have certified results to 2014 Gay Games through the Bodybuilding Guild program on the first day of competition at the event. All results will be confidential and held only until the event has been completed. 

  6. Non-residents of the United States may be tested on Monday, August 11, after check-in of all participants. This testing is offered through The Bodybuilding Guild.For further information contact Richard Cavaler, Bodybuilding Guild,

  7.  2014 Gay Games will not offer any test, will not pay for any test, and will not coordinate any test.

  8. All participants who do not provide the certified results of the specific test that 2014 Gay Games mandates will be in the untested division. 

Public Music Hall - St. Clair entrance, 1201 East St. Clair at East 6th,  Cleveland,  OH  44114



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