Basketball Results

Basketball Results

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Medal Results

A Division
Gold Medal -  Rockdogs
Silver Medal-   Brothas United

Upper B Division
Gold Medal - LA Metrostars
Silver Medal- Hollywood Blindside
Bronze Medal - LA United

Lower B Division
Gold Medal -  LA Nightmare
Silver Medal - Cleveland Hoops
Bronze Medal - Sydney Spectres

C Division
Gold Medal - RimBos
Silver Medal - Paris Entre2Basket
Bronze Medal - World Thunder

35+ Division
Gold Medal - London Cruisers
Silver Medal - Rockdogs

Rockdogs beat Brothas United 41-34

Bronze Medal Game LA Nightmare beat Sydney Spectres 34-25
Gold Medal Game LA Nightmare beat Cleveland Hoops  42-30

Quarter finals
LA Dream beat Cleveland Hoops 43-41
LA United beat Sydney Spectres 63-24

Semi Finals
Hollywood Blindside beat LA Dream 48-39
LA Metrostars beat LA United 51-38
Bronze Medal Game LA United beat LA Dream 55-35
Gold Medal Game  LA Metrostars beat Hollywood Blindside 47-40

Semi Finals
RimBos beat Sceamin' Eagles 34-25
Paris Entre2Basket beat World Thunder  46-42
Bronze Medal Game World Thunder beat Sceamin' Eagles 40-26
Gold Medal Game  RimBos beat ParisEntre2Basket 30-14

Gold Medal Game  London Cruisers beat Rockdogs 35-32

Results from Sunday, August 10, 2014

LA United beat Brothas United    63-57

LA Nightmare beat Paris Entre2Basket    63-27

Rockdogs 35+ beat RimBos    52-29

World Thunder beat Sceamin' Eagles   54-44

London Cruisers beat Paris Entre2Basket   48-30

Cleveland Hoops beat LA Dream   43-36

Hollywood Blindside
beat LA Metrostars 48-42

Rockdogs 35+ beat Sceamin' Eagles  69-28

Rockdogs A beat Sydney Spectres 54-17


Results from Monday, August 11, 2014

Rockdogs A beat LA Dream 44-34

LA United beat Cleveland Hoops 51-32

LA Nightmare beat RimBos 67-18

LA Metrostars beat Sydney Spectres  50-36

Rockdogs 35+ beat World Thunder 72-49

Sceamin' Eagles beat Paris Entre2Basket  32-18

Brothas United beat Hollywood Blindside 78-39

LA Dream beat LA United 61-58

LA Nightmare beat London Cruisers 51-28

Rockdogs A beat LA Metrostars 70-39

Sceamin' Eagles beat RimBos 37-26

Paris Entre2Basket beat World Thunder 76-46

Brothas United beat Cleveland Hoops 61-38

Hollywood Blindside beat Sydney Spectres  57-33


Results from Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rockdogs A beat Brothas United  55-48

Hollywood Blindside beat LA Dream  63-54

Rockdogs 35+ beat London Cruisers  49-45

Cleveland Hoops beat Sydney Spectres  60-23

LA Metrostars beat LA United  51-40

LA Nightmare beat Sceamin' Eagles  45-31

Rockdogs 35+ forfeited to Rockdogs A

Brothas United beat London Cruisers  53-36

World Thunder beat RimBos 67-46

LA United beat Hollywood Blindside  50-36

LA Metrostars beat Cleveland Hoops  56-44

LA Nightmare beat Paris Entre2Basket  45-31

LA Dream beat Sydney Spectres  38-28


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