5K and 10K Road Races Competition Specifics


10K Race: Rescheduled  7 p.m. Wednesday, 13 August 

5K Race: 14 August 2014 - 7:00 a.m.

5K bibs will be available for pick up at the Cleveland Convention Center during Accreditation at the Road Race sport desk through the 13th.  

August 13th:  10am – 2pm

10K Information

Click here to see 10K road race course. Click here to see 10K Instructions. Click here to see 10K Transportation Information.
(NOTE: All times are the same for rescheduled race day, Wednesday 13 August.)

The Gay Games 10k  is rescheduled for Wednesday, August 13 within the City of Akron.  This unique point to point race will feature a start line in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a 4 mile stretch of scenic towpath along the Ohio & Erie Canal, and a one of a kind train ride to the starting line utilizing the Historic Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad! 

Participants can park in downtown Akron and take a short walk to the CVSR’s Akron Northside station where registration will begin at 4 p.m. Participants will be shuttled via train to the starting line at the Botzum trail head, departing the Northside station at 4:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

Once the race starts at 7 p.m. on Riverview Road, racers will travel south for two miles along the train route before crossing Portage Path and disappearing into the scenic  Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath for the final four miles.  Keep an eye out for the train during the race and be sure to wave to all the spectators who are hitching a ride back to view the finish line!  All runners will welcome the sight of the Historic Mustill Store, the home of the GG9 10k finish line! 

Passengers can purchase train tickets in order to get to the start of the 10K Road Race here:
4:45 p.m. departure: http://whistletix-public.ticketbiscuit.com/CVSR/events/210945
6 p.m. departure: http://whistletix-public.ticketbiscuit.com/CVSR/events/210946

The beauty of the course, the unique point to point evening venue, and the excitement of this early week event will make it a must for all GG9 participants and spectators! 


5K Information

Click here to see the 5K road race course.