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(Go directly to Gay Games participant registration site run by Sporting Pulse.)

All participants must complete general registration. General registration is open through 1 August online. (Sport- or cultural-event registration is optional and must be complete by 21 July. No extensions will be made on sports-specific registration.


Accreditation Schedule

CLE Convention Center

Thursday, Aug 7: 1-8p; Grand Ballroom
Friday, Aug 8: 8a-8p; Grand Ballroom
Saturday, Aug 9: 8a-5p; Grand Ballroom
Sunday, Aug 10: 10a-6p; Meeting Room 12
Monday, Aug 11: 10a-6p; Meeting Room 12
Tuesday, Aug 12: 10a-2p; Meeting Room 12
Wednesday, Aug 13; 10a-2p; Meeting Room 12 

John S. Knight Center

Thursday, Aug 7: 1-8p; Rotunda
Friday, Aug 8: 8a-8p; Rotunda
Saturday, Aug 9: 8a-5p; Rotunda
Sunday, Aug 10: 10a-6p; Rotunda
Monday, Aug 11: 10a-6p; Rotunda
Tuesday, Aug 12: 10a-2p; Rotunda
Wednesday, Aug 13; 10a-2p; Rotunda
Thursday, Aug 14; 10a-2p; Rotunda
Friday, Aug 15; 12-5p; Rotunda


  • Click here to proceed to online registration site.
  • Each general registrant can:
    *Receive a one-of-a-kind uniquely crafted, commemorative participant medal
    (VALUE: priceless – participant medals will not be sold)
    *Can attend the exclusive Opening Ceremony pre-party for participants at Progressive Field (VALUE: priceless –tickets will not be sold)
    *March in Opening Ceremony Parade of Participants and sit in premium seating for the rest of the spectacular opening celebration at Quicken Loans Arena (VALUE: $75)
    *Join the Participant Parade and the fun of Closing Ceremony on Mall C, Downtown Cleveland (VALUE: $15)
    *Contribute to Federation of Gay Games (VALUE: $35)
    *Ride for free all public transit routes in Cuyahoga, Summit and Lake counties as well as private GG9-provided transportation during Games Week (VALUE: $45+)
    *Participate in sport, band or chorus event (event fee applies)
    *Access to all Cleveland YMCA branches during Games Week (VALUE: $50)


  • At the same time or after they complete general registration, participants may register for sport, band or chorus events. Fee schedule is listed below. The fees cover venue and equipment rental, official staffing and event staffing.
  • Complete your online event-specific registration here.


  • Participants can register for a team-based sport and identify the team at that time or add the team name later. 
  • Sport teams interested in registering should designate a team organizer who should register and create a team code through the online registration site here.
  • Looking for a team and/or teammate? While Gay Games 9 does not match individuals to teams, we have created an online bulletin board so participants can find their own teams or teammates here.

SPORT, BAND and CHORUS fees will not increase. Participants must register for their event(s) by July 15.

Sport Fee Sport Fee
Aquatics Diving $105 Ice Hockey $90
Aquatics Open Water Swim $45 Marathon/Half Marathon* $105
Aquatics Swimming $70 Martial Arts $70
Aquatics Synchronized Swimming $70 Power Lifting$105
Aquatics Water Polo $70 Racquetball $90
Badminton $90 5K/10K Road Races**
Basketball $70 Rock Climbing (Sport Climbing) $70
Beach Volleyball $90 Rowing $70
Billiards $90 Sailing $300
Bodybuilding $105 Soccer $90
Bowling $90 Softball $70
Cheer $70 Squash $90
Cycling $165 Table Tennis $90
DanceSport $145 Tennis $90
Darts $90 Track and Field $90
Figure Skating $105 Triathlon $155
Flag Football $70 Volleyball $90
Golf $360 Wrestling $70

Cultural Event Fee
Band $90
Chorus $90


You may register for more than one event and pay the fee for each separate event. 2014 Gay Games is not responsible for coordinating competition times to prevent participant conflicts.

*Marathon/Half Marathon participants may participate in the Road Races (5K and/or 10K) at no additional charge. Register only for Marathon/Half Marathon and note your plans to participate in Road Races when you register.

**Road Race participants may participate in the 5K and/or 10K.

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*General Registration and Event Registration fees are non-refundable. Participants may transfer General Registration or Event Registration. Contact Erin Govern with questions. 

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