GG9 Board and Staff

2014 Gay Games Board and Staff

2014 Gay Games Board of Directors

Hollie Ksiezyk
Board Co-Chair

Steve Sokany
Board Co-Chair

David Gilbert
Vice Chair

Chris Panek

Al Cowger
General Counsel and Secretary

Dirk Breiding
Executive Committee

Gregg Levine
Executive Committee

Ted Wammes
Executive Committee

Cynthia Christman
Executive Committee

Sherry Bowman
Dan Brennan
Nancy Brennan
Joe Cimperman
Jay DeFinis
Michelle DeLozier
Jennifer Downey
Tracy Jones
Valarie McCall 
Scott Morgan
Kevin Schmotzer
Nathan Tolliver
Michael Varvaro
Keli Zehnder

2014 Gay Games Staff

Thomas Nobbe*
Executive Director
Effective until December 31, 2014 

Rob Smitherman*
Associate Executive Director, Director of Events and Operations
Effective until November 30, 2014

Esha Hand
Director of Operations

Anthony Brenneman
Operations Manager

Erin Govern
Registration Manager

Chris Kohuth
Sports and Operations Manager

Tom Pike
Culture Manager 

Tom Spence
Sports Manager

Meghan Kossow
Sports Coordinator

Ann Gynn*
Director of Marketing and Communications
Effective until October 31, 2014 

Traci Christler
Communications Manager

Matt Cordish
Marketing Manager

David Robinson
Strategic Partnerships Manager

Lisa Sands
Media Relations Manager

Tony Smith
Champions Coordinator

Mary Zaller
Development Director

Terese Brown
Development Manager

Anna Malefatto
Development Coordinator

Tim Kovach*
Project and Volunteer Manager
Effective until December 31, 2014

Chelsea Kertes
Volunteer Coordinator

* - only staff present after August 31, 2014.